Atomos Hyla

sedApta Group

Atomos Hyla – Changing Manufacturing

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide innovative technology solutions that advance the way the manufacturing world works.

Who We Are

Atomos Hyla, a brand new consulting company was born from the aggregation of Atomos FT, Hyla Soft and Sintec, three companies well known since years in the Manufacturing Operations, Sales&Operation Planning processes and Automation fields.

The new company with consolidated skills and specialized in consulting services and integrated technological solutions with operational offices in Genoa, Savona, Turin, Naples, Milan and Bologna aims at offering greater support to manufacturing companies worldwide.

Atomos Hyla manages an effective and innovative level of service in collaboration with other top-level companies already present in the sedApta Group both in Italy and abroad, in France, Germany and Brazil, through our subsidiaries. The synergy between the three companies aggregated into one allows the Group to offer a wide range of software and hardware tools, and related skills, to improve production processes.

Our Objectives

Bridging the Gap

We believe that when engineering, manufacturing, and supply chain work together, companies outperform at every level. Our solutions bridge the gap between the virtual and physical worlds to help our customers get ahead of the competition.

More Efficient Process

We believe that digital manufacturing is the future. Manufacturers must operate faster and better. We help enterprises improve shop floor visibility and implement an efficient process and the right technology to support it.

Industry 4.0

We believe that innovation separates the industry leaders from the laggards. We are committed to giving our customers access to only the most reliable and cutting-edge technology available.