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Industry 4.0

Four are the technological revolutions that have shaped the manufacturing industry as to define the modern competitive context. The first three have determined the development of economic systems based on mass industrial production and characterized by a strictly “product-driven” market.

Nowadays however, companies find themselves forced to operate in the context of the fourth industrial revolution, defined as the Industry 4.0, and characterized by a strongly “demand-driven” market. Key point of this recent revolution is the need to create “[…]systems that are fully - integrated, collaborative manufacturing systems that respond in real time to meet changing demands conditions in the factory, in the supply network, and in customer needs.”, or as they are so defined by the National Institute for Standard Technologies (NIST), Smart Factories.

Creating a Smart Factory means adopting an open and interconnected infrastructure that allows for the management and monitoring of all company process in real-time, and that will support the definition and the implementation of orchestrated solutions. These solutions can contribute in a decisive way to the creation of added value for the company, on the condition of supporting the company and its users in the right way and at the right moment.

In the context of global companies, identify and adopt the right technology for the management of processes shared by multiple users, often spatially and temporally separated, according to a process with defined events and activities, becomes an indispensable necessity in order to ensure a strategic advantage sustainable for the company. Atomos Hyla proposes technological solutions capable of supporting these S&OP processes. In particular:

Processes - For optimal management of S&OP and MOM processes, Orchestrator is the sedApta Suite component that supports:

  • Modelling of “as-is” and “to be” Processes, using the BPMN 2.0 standard and dedicated.
  • Process Catalogues and Task Catalogues for smart manufacturing.
  • Management of runtime business process execution exploiting the integration with sedApta Suite components along with the interoperation with third-party products.
  • Assignment of tasks to the right subjects, thanks to User Task Boards.
  • Process and Task Monitoring – a web based application for process monitoring and operations.
  • Process Analytics on relevant KPIs, thanks to the native integration with Analytics.
  • Integration with Performance Support on each task, due to the native integration with Skillaware.

These Orchestrator features make it the ideal tool to support companies in achieving the goal of balancing processes, activities, people and tools, which is the key step to optimize their supply chain, thus generating a sustainable competitive advantage in the context of manufacturing 4.0.

People - Skillaware is the sedApta Suites component that supports users in learning the diverse business processes within the enterprise.

  • Skillaware is the electronic performance support system (EPSS) that allows employees to learn efficiently while working, learning to manage new systems, processes and IT procedures directly at their workplace.
  • The adoption of a "GPS" as the one offered by Skillaware, directly weights on the resolution of problems arising from evolving and dynamic processes, by allowing human resources in charge of performing specific tasks to continuously “update” their knowledge and their know-how in real time.

Technologies - The architecture of the sedApta Suite allows for interoperability (i.e. the ability of systems to communicate with each other using IoT) which is one of the principles that underpin the Industry 4.0, and is fundamental to manage information flows of S&OP and MOM processes.

Thanks to the sedApta OSA suite, Atomos Hyla is in fact able to provide solutions characterized by a modular and interoperable environment. These solutions can coordinate and orchestrate into complex, multi-role, and multi-product business flows both Supply Chain management tools from the sedApta Suite (such as for example the Resource Planning and Supply, the Factory Scheduler, the Order Promising), and many legacy products that are nowadays standards within companies.

The various products & solutions of the sedApta Suite can then be combined to better support different S&OP and MOM configurations, helping companies to adapt their processes to the requirements of the reference industry and thus achieve their supply chain optimization goals.

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