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Global Partnerships

Our network of leading global partners gives us access to the most cutting-edge software and latest technology on the market. As a result, we can offer our customers the best tools available in the industry and help ensure the success of their business initiative. 

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sedApta O.S.A. Suite - Process Orchestration, Support & Analytics

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Bitix è un'azienda di servizi di consulenza per la definizione e la governance di soluzioni IT innovative nata con lo scopo di mettere tutti gli esperti SAP insieme, per garantire ai propri clienti un servizio "end-to-end" per la gestione dei progetti, focalizzato sull'area produttiva e sulla filiera. Ha una forte competenza nel mondo ERP in modo particolare nelle soluzione SAP.

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One of the largest Information Technology group backed by Italian capital. Its headquarters are located in Trento and they have a turnover of 230 million euros. Their identity as a software house combined with expertise in systems integration and digital design positions Dedagroup as a natural partner in developing the digital innovation of companies, public bodies and financial institutions.

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Since 1980 Replica Sistemi has been specializing in the design and development of logistics and transportation managementsoftware solutions and ERP Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

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Siemens SIMATIC IT Production Suite - MES

Siemens SIMATIC IT XFP - MES for Process

Siemens SIMATIC IT Unilab - LIMS

Siemens SIMATIC IT Unified Architecture

Siemens SIMATIC IT R& D Suite


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Skillaware Performance Support & Learning Analytics

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