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Pasta Production Planning & Scheduling Project


About the Customer

The customer is a sauce and pasta manufacturer specializing in high quality Italian sauces and filled pastas. Having a strong presence and history in Italy, the customer is relatively new to the U.S. market but has already gained a strong foothold in the industry, especially with grocery chains and retail club customers. The company has and continues to adapt their recipes for American consumers and offers a wide variety of standard and seasonal items. They are projecting significant future growth and expansion.

The Customer's Need

With the company expanding rapidly in the U.S. market, maintaining an efficient production scheduling process was becoming increasingly difficult to manage manually. As sales increased month by month, the company was also experiencing challenges of balancing inventory with sales forecast and ensuring consistent order fulfillment. Their existing processes could simply not handle the amount of growth that they were experiencing. They had outgrown using documents in Excel to manage their complex operations.

Hyla Soft was contacted to analyze the Production Planning and Scheduling processes of the company and propose software solutions to address them. After examining the customer’s entire manufacturing process, identifying challenges and helping them prioritize needs and goals, Hyla Soft proposed an integrated set of solutions from sedApta’s leading S&OP (Sales & Operations Planning Suite). With Hyla Soft’s team of experts leading the way, the customer agreed to have Hyla Soft configure and deploy 4 modules of from the sedApta Supply Chain Management offering, including Inventory PlanningFactory SchedulingResource & Supply Planning, and Capacity Planning.

Hyla Soft's Solution

Leveraging sedApta’s Sales & Operations Planning Software Suite, Hyla Soft’s team of experts utilized selected modules of the S&OP offering to help the customer automate, streamline, and optimize their entire manufacturing value chain:

  • The Inventory Planning module has allowed the company to create a weekly Master Production Schedule that is driven by individual stock policies per SKU. It aligns the sales forecasts and open orders while taking into account the batch logic on the production floor level.
  • The Factory Scheduling module was configured by the Hyla Soft team to model all of the production lines and constraints of the production facility. It gave the customer the ability to take the weekly production plan and turn it into a finite schedule at the click of a mouse.
  • The Resource & Supply Planning module has the job of coordinating all raw material needs from the scheduled production in the previous two modules. By using minimum stock and coverage policies the purchasing department now receives weekly reports of materials to be purchased to coordinate with future planned production.
  • The Capacity Planning module has given the customer unparalleled capability to understand how their production capacity compares to future demand levels and when additional machines or workers will be needed. This gives them time to react to projected future changes in demand and simulate capacity requirement for sudden new customer orders.

Hyla Soft's Advantage

Hyla Soft has been working closely with the key stake holders of each module to understand the current processes and define the to-be processes. One of the main goals is to extract the experience and knowledge that each stake holder has about the business and configure it into each software tool to provide more transparency to the entire company. Hyla Soft makes sure to include the end users through every step of the process providing weekly update meetings where use case scenarios can be developed in greater detail. We use our knowledge of the software and industry best practices to guide the customer to the best custom solution for their business.

The customer is in the process of transitioning to using these state of the art software for the majority of their supply chain processes. It is a very exciting time for them to put into place these systems that will aid them in their expected future growth. The sedApta modules are already freeing up time for employees to focus on higher level issues. They are on a path to becoming a more agile and efficient business.

Due to the strong mutual relationship built between our team and the customer, Hyla Soft is exploring other possibilities with the customer for additional IT projects in area of the business that also need improving and updating. Hyla Soft is looking forward to contributing more value and supply chain expertise in the future.

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