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Detailed Order Scheduling

Production Scheduling is the process of arranging, controlling and optimizing work and workloads in a production process or manufacturing process. Scheduling is used to allocate plant and machinery resources, plan human resources, plan production processes and purchase materials. It is an important tool for manufacturing and engineering, where it can have a major impact on the productivity of a process. In manufacturing, the purpose of scheduling is to minimize the production time and costs, by telling a production facility when to make, with which staff, and on which equipment.

Hyla Soft's Detailed Order Scheduling solution aims to maximize the efficiency of the operation and reduce costs. Our solution provides an optimum plan for all physical plant resources, taking into account orders, set up times, production priorities and constraints in order to minimize the transformation time, meet delivery deadlines and service level.


Source: sedApta Software Suite

Features of Detailed Order Scheduling:

  • Finite Capacity Resource Planning
  • Detailed Order Sequencing
  • Material Management
  • What-If Analysis
  • Advanced Algorithms

Benefits of Detailed Order Scheduling:

  • Production time reduction
  • Improved finite capacity work plan and order tracking
  • Scheduling time reduction
  • Inventory cost reduction
  • Resource utilization improvement

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