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Why Companies Need Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)

The Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) process helps companies reach their strategic business targets by balancing the overall product demand, supply chain and production plan. The lack of this fundamental business process along with poor visibility into the supply chain results in high inventory, manufacturing and logistics costs as well as low service levels. Companies aiming to achieve best-in-class performance and trying to outperform their competitors must implement an efficient S&OP business process, which will only be as good as the technology behind it.

About sedApta Software suite

The sedApta suite is an innovative software platform specifically designed to support companies Supply Chain processes. Through an integrated set of software components, it allows you to manage all aspects of sales and operations planning, from the initial demand forecasting and inventory planning at corporate-level down to plant capacity resource planning and detailed scheduling.

Each module of the suite can either be used as a standalone component to fill existing gaps, thus enriching the functionalities of an existing technology, or deployed in conjunction with other sedApta modules, depending on the requirements of the customer.

Capabilities of the sedApta suite

  • Demand Management – utilizes sophisticated mathematical algorithms able to aggregate sales force and marketing input with historical sales data in order to produce an accurate consensus demand forecast
  • Inventory Management – based on the forecast, service level, current stock levels, inventory costs and existing customer orders, produces the stock replenishment plan for the different nodes in the logistics network
  • Resource and Supply Planning – validates the demand forecast against the actual capacity of the resources in the logistics network, matching different physical, logistical, financial and production constraints
  • Web Supply Engine – manages the communication with external contractors and suppliers, providing a unified environment for work plan collaboration, debating and document management
  • Factory Scheduling – manages the overall scheduling of plant-level resources and capacities, considering order priorities, production lead times, setup times and other plant-specific constraints in order to fulfill delivery deadlines and service level
  • Order Promising – provides a single picture of supply and demand to make reliable, real-time delivery commitments to the end customers, considering warehouse availability and the master production plan
  • Shop Floor Monitor – automatically collects data and events from production machines to calculate KPIs such as OEE, MTBF and MTTR, which can be visualized in operators’ dashboards and high-level reports

All these components are provided with a user-friendly simulation environment which enables the end user to evaluate different scenarios at any level, starting from the strategic evaluation of a new product’s introduction into a new market, followed by the analysis of different tactical scenarios generated by forcing resource and labor capacities, down to the study of different production plans configured with different order due dates, resource efficiency, setup times, etc.

Additionally, the sedApta suite is designed to easily integrate with existing Material Requirements Planning (MRP) systems, which typically have the disadvantage of not considering capacity constraints (using infinite capacity algorithms) and assuming constant lead times. On the contrary, sedApta Software Suite is capable of feeding an existing MRP system with a finite capacity plan and an accurate demand forecast in such a way that results in the MRP’s generation of an optimized list of work orders which can be sequenced in an optimized way by the Factory Scheduling module.

Advantages of Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)

An integrated system of this type brings many clear advantages to organizations, including:

  • Supply cost reduction
  • Inventory level and cost reduction
  • Better production and logistics network organization
  • Service level improvement and inventory cost control
  • Warehouse management cost reduction
  • Simplification and improved accuracy of resource need estimation
  • Improved visibility of material needs and supplier capacity
  • Improved finite capacity work plan and customer order tracking
  • Production lead time reduction
  • Real-time reaction to production disturbances

sedApta Software suite has been deployed in more than 20 countries, 10 market verticals and 200 customers worldwide. However, even the best product present on the market will not bring any value without a structured project methodology and system integration capabilities.

Benefits of Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)

Atomos Hyla has observed the following quantitative benefits in existing customers’ implementations of S&OP, such as:

  • 20% improved forecast accuracy
  • 60%-80% improved order promising accuracy within the desired delivery week
  • 7% decrease in overall inventory
  • 12% reduction of late orders
  • 6% increase in productivity
  • 5% stock-out reduction

The sedApta suite, together with Atomos Hyla's extensive expertise in S&OP implementation, is the perfect combination for customers undertaking a challenging S&OP standardization journey.

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