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Siemens SIMATIC ITC Suite

SIMATIC IT Production Suite is the Manufacturing Execution System of Siemens which is able to supply all these features at the same time by focusing on the plant. In addition to bridging the gap between Business Systems (e.g. ERP) and Control Systems, the system manages production and execution, coordinates systems within factories, standardizes the entire company's production, and maintains production processes in line with supply chain activities.

The SIMATIC IT Production Suite

It comprises a set of highly integrated software components capable of offering MES functionality according to the ISA-95 standard:

  • Product specification management
  • Production order management
  • Materials management through the Tracking & Tracing system
  • Plant performance analyses
  • Personnel management
  • Production planning
  • KPI calculation and reporting

The wide range of functions and the complete integration of components is coordinated by workflows modeled within the SIMATIC IT Production Suite according to the specific production process. This approach allows manufacturers to customize their business and easily adapt the processes to new requirements as well as new constraints, for an optimal response from the plant and the market. SIMATIC IT Production Suite is a cross-industry solution able to meet any type of specific industry requirement. From food to chemical, from the CPG for automotive sector to aerospace and electronics, Hyla Soft has extensive experience in all of these industries.

We guarantee more than 20 years of experience in implementing projects based on MES SIMATIC IT Production Suite, both in the Process and in the Discrete area. The well-established expertise in implementing IT production solutions for large customers around the world makes Hyla Soft's consultants the leading experts in the SIMATIC IT field, as well as real-life experts in a broad spectrum of subjects. As the first Siemens partner in terms of integration, Hyla Soft is constantly working on projects that faithfully follow the best Siemens methods, making the most of the latest technologies and existing products. The tangible results for our clients are a quick Return on Investment (ROI) and a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

The combination of MES SIMATIC IT products and Hyla Soft's expertise in system integration is the optimal choice for the clients who want to automate their production through an MES solution, fully recognizing it as the most favored path to success.


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