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Direct Numerical Control (DNC)

The management of CNC machines and DNC programs is still a thorn in the side for various work centers. Even today it is not difficult to find situations where these programs are manually managed and uploaded to machinery. This obsolete program management generates the risk of loading obsolete machine programs, having little or no control over the program's reliability, and wasting time on totally manual activities.

Atomos Hyla uses several branded technologies to help its customers manage CNC machines in a modern and effective way. The DNC systems offer the chance to manage CNC programs in central repositories and upload them directly to the machines according to production requirements; furthermore, they allow the management of the program life cycle and offer options supporting the needs of different machines.

Atomos Hyla is an expert in the integration of end-to-end DNC systems. Our areas of expertise include workflows and CAM requirements, PLM integration, and CNC machine connectivity. We have connected CNC machines of dozens of different makes and models to state-of-the-art DNC systems.

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