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Order Management

Design of advanced Systems for Factory Execution

At Atomos Hyla we are specialized in helping our clients in varying industrial sectors in the design of advanced systems for factory execution. Today every shop floor works with centralized production orders that are sent from ERP systems.

Each solution has its own characteristics, but they generally have common features such as:

  • Integration with ERP systems to automatically load production orders
  • Production order planning to reduce set-up times and optimize production execution
  • Management of purchase orders, work-order transfer orders, and production orders
  • The possibility of subdividing a generic production order into different, more specific, and more detailed sub-orders
  • Complement information on orders with other information related to the use of materials, people, and machinery
  • Real-time declarations on production progress to maintain a real-time view of the entire factory
  • Integration with detailed planning systems to maintain reliable and certified planning

sedApta FAT Scheduler
Source: sedApta Suite Factory Scheduling

Our Expertise

Our solutions cover production phases in the primary and secondary markets and are designed to be easily integrated with third-party systems such as ERP or legacy systems. Depending on the type of production - Engineering to Order (ETO), Make to Order (MTO), Assembly to Order (ATO), or Make to Stock (MTS) - the management and execution of production orders are carried out differently; Hyla Soft has decades of experience in various business sectors and can help your company introduce an advanced factory system.

Order Management

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