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Manufacturing Data collection

In this age of hyper-connectivity, collecting data from the field and rendering it useful has become fundamental. At the shop floor level, there is a very heterogeneous presence of data acquisition systems: PLC systems, SCADA, RFID solutions, latest-generation IOT systems, sensors, and detection cameras. Each source can bring a wealth of information for data analysis if well integrated.

Atomos Hyla consultants are real experts in the integration of field systems and have experimented with different techniques based on the heterogeneity of the systems present. Market standards such as the OPC standard and machine-specific drivers help improve data acquisition, as it must be robust, secure, and performing. The real challenge is then turning all this data into useful information to analyze, monitor, and improve production efficiency.

Atomos Hyla data collection systems provide different features:

  • Real-time availability of information
  • Historical data records (Historian)
  • Production alarms and messages
  • OEE systems
  • SPC systems
  • Data collection and KPIs
  • Advanced dashboards (Advanced Analytics)

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