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Sales & Operation Planning

Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) helps companies reach their business goals by balancing the overall demand for products, planning the entire supply chain and optimizing the production plan. Inadequate management of this crucial business process, together with a lack of visibility of the value chain, leads to an undesirable increase in inventory, manufacturing and logistics costs, as well as much lower service levels. If your company aims to achieve “best-in-class” performance and surpass the industry competition, it must be able to implement an efficient business S&OP process, which will only be as effective as the technology it utilizes.

Let us put our experience to work to help your business improve its efficiency through the implementation of an effective S&OP system with features like:

  • Demand Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Capacity Planning
  • Material & Resource Planning
  • Order Promising
  • Detail Order Scheduling
  • Shop Floor Monitoring
  • Supplier Management
  • Electronic Performance Support
  • Change Management

Atomos Hyla is dedicated to creating lasting partnerships with our clients. By working together, we can identify the most effective ways to apply our technology solutions and industry know-how to your specific requirements.

Atomos Hyla works with our clients to design and deliver S&OP systems that provide outstanding results including:

  • Reduced delivery time
  • Reduced on-hand inventory
  • Integration of all suppliers into a single system for optimized ordering and e-procurement
  • Improved reliability of suppliers resulting from the ability to track and rate quality of service and then hold suppliers accountable
  • Reduced time to check in materials

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