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Shop Floor Monitoring

The goal of Shop Floor Monitoris to normalize and harmonize manufacturing data streams, continuously monitor your production processes, and improve the communication between production, quality, logistics, and maintenance personnel. Shop Floor Monitoring helps manufacturers monitor their shop floor in real-time, react quickly to unexpected production disturbances, and minimize product transformation lead-time.

Atomos Hyla's Shop Floor Monitor solution is a machine data collection system able to constantly feed the scheduling system with real-time data regarding line efficiency, order execution and machine statuses. It also provides OEE and KPI calculation as well as statistics related to production orders and machine downtime.

Source: sedApta Software Suite

Features of Shop Floor Monitoring:

  • Real-Time Visibility of Machine Performances
  • Order Status Monitoring
  • OEE and KPIs
  • Downtime Management
  • Tracking and Tracing

Benefits of Shop Floor Monitoring:

  • Real-time reaction to production perturbations
  • Real-time visibility of shop floor resources
  • Reduction of waste
  • Performance improvement

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Shop Floor Monitor

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