Aerospace & Defense

The Aerospace industry has been experiencing a strong acceleration in terms of growth in recent years; this has led companies in the sector to work to improve production efficiency and redefine distribution models. In particular, first tier suppliers find themselves having to guarantee high quality components in a short time, reducing waste and consumption.

The opportunities related to the digital revolution (Industry 4.0) have a huge potential for this sector; additive manufacturing, augmented reality, the reduction of time to market due to the use of related technologies (IOT & cloud manufacturing) are just some examples of the trends that will revolutionize the sector.

Supply chains are increasingly complex and global, with shorter times. The integration between sales, material planning and production is a determining factor in the success of a company. The rapid analysis of the impact of changes in supply and demand on the planning of the finished product, its components and spare parts requires a close collaboration with suppliers and customers (end-to-end supply chain) of first and second level.

Atomos Hyla has an extensive knowledge of the sector, having collaborated in the last years with companies of different sizes (from the multinational group to 1st tier companies with a family character), and on various issues of Manufacturing IT.