The automotive industry is facing an epochal transition, the current business models may no longer be valid in the coming years: starting from the design of the system, which will increasingly integrate products and services, passing from the use of new hybrid engines or totally electric, until it reaches the role of technology during vehicle operation, the result will also impact the redefinition of distribution models and production models.

The companies in the sector must therefore prepare the way within the processes and organizational procedures, which must be flexible and implemented quickly, sharing IT platforms and making the various actors involved collaborate in a “lean” way. Companies in the industry need to identify which (mainly) digital features of a vehicle can assign to technology partners who have more experience in designing and developing digital components and software. The distribution models will be challenged and the technology will allow better control of inventory and collaboration between production plants.

Atomos Hyla is experimenting with this revolution by collaborating with leading companies in the sector, helping them to equip themselves to face a challenge with a result that is nothing more than obvious.