Fashion & Luxury

The Fashion & Luxury sector manages to perfectly combine tradition and innovation. In fact, the industries in this sector are, on the one hand, the excellences of value that concern craftsmanship and attention to detail, on the other they do not stop in front of innovation, anticipating fashion trends. We talk about the natural rapidity of evolution in fashion that requires companies to anticipate trends.

Today the global market presents itself with drastic changes. The management of distribution channels, both nationally and internationally, together with the change in market logic, has redesigned the fashion sector.

To this, we add the impact of the digital transformation that makes the channels ever faster and the final consumers more and more protagonists. The consumer does not just want to buy the product but also live an experience.

Atomos Hyla offers its customers efficient solutions, flexible and scalable technology. Our solution covers Demand Management, Logistics / Distribution channels and Production Management. Based on each of the needs and specific needs of our customers, the Fashion & Luxury solution offered by Atomos Hyla includes a complete solution able to significantly improve the level of customer service and, at the same time, optimize the long processes all their supply chain to maintain high efficiency and low costs at every level. In recent years Atomos Hyla has collaborated with leading companies in the sector and, to date, can boast a unique knowledge of the problems of fashion.