Food & Beverage

The food industry continues to grow, ensuring ever higher levels of quality and, at the same time, reducing production costs. Several companies consolidate their presence on the market through acquisitions and this entails the need to optimize the entire supply chain and improve competitiveness thanks to a high technological development of existing plants.

An integrated production planning process is a huge added value; this, associated with the connection with the field (automatic data collection and set-up of the PLCs), reduces time and errors and allows a real-time control of the actual production.

The process begins with the generation of a reliable forecast that takes into consideration product trends, seasonality and, of primary importance in the agri-food world, promotional plans and continuous re-coding of products.

The nettification of the commercial demand, together with the correct setting of the Safety Stock on one side and, the analysis of the production capacity, on the other, allow the identification of the main critical issues, supporting the company management in the strategic choices (purchase capacity, temporary work, etc.).

At the plant level, companies must ensure that the scheduled production plan is met, optimizing production flows and reducing set-up times for production lines and downtime.

Atomos Hyla has a long experience in this competitive sector and can play an important role as a technology partner.