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About sedApta Suite

The sedApta Suite is the best solution to optimize company planning execution activities across all supply chain functions, as a result improving efficiency, reducing production costs and time-to-market, establishing a Standard Operating Procedure and Process (SOP) culture, and increasing business profit. The sedApta Suite enables manufacturing leaders to optimize their processes across all company activities, making their business more agile, flexible and better-equipped to satisfy the needs of a demand-driven market. Designed and developed as a fully integrated, orchestrated suite of modules, the different components work together in harmony to streamline and optimize processes along the entire supply chain, from strategic and tactical application planning to detailed scheduling based on the availability of resources within the factory. This complete orchestration of sedApta’s enabling technologies in the context of different business processes becomes a key point for companies aiming to create factories with “system intelligence” that has the ability to make the best decisions promptly and based on reliable information and data. With sedApta’s approach, customers can achieve their DDVN maturity journey.

About sedApta Group

sedApta is an international group formed from the aggregation of top technology companies in Italy, Germany, the U.S.A. and Brazil. Each a leader in their industry, together they share over 25 years of experience in Manufacturing IT. Thanks to its innovative software suite for Sales & Operation Planning, Plant Synchronization and O.S.A., sedApta has become a leader in providing world-class supply chain solutions across all main industrial sectors.

About O.S.A.: Orchestrate, Support, Analyze

The O.S.A. Architecture (Orchestrator, Skillaware, Analytics) is a new-generation web ecosystem, based on established analytics standards (DITA, XAPI, BPMN), which is able to provide new capabilities in terms of Production Capacity, Supply Chain Management and Change Management. O.S.A.. provides a modular environment for all the components of the sedApta Suite, thus supporting system interoperability, coordinating and orchestrating complex business workflows, and multi-role scenarios in a multi-product space.

Together with sedApta, you will be able to face the challenges of Digital Transformation by building a SMART FACTORY!

  • Software developed internally (with more than 50 people in R&D)
  • O.S.A. approach for Digital Transformation & Change Management
  • Multi-platform technology
  • Complete integration with ERP, 3rd party, and legacy systems
  • Advanced reporting system
  • Real-time & multi-scenario simulation
  • Web integration

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