Pasta Production Planning & Scheduling Project

Industry Challenges

Managing the many moving parts of a pasta manufacturing operation is no easy task. As a pasta manufacturer, you operate within an industry at the mercy of fickle consumers and a fast-changing marketplace where demand can shift year to year, month to month, even day to day.

To maintain a competitive advantage within the Food & Beverage manufacturing sector, your business must become flexible and ready to respond to unforeseen changes in the demand for your products. At the same time, the success of your business depends on keeping costs low – production costs, inventory costs, logistics costs, and everything in between. The ability to balance the two separates the industry leaders from the laggards.

For this reason, Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) has become a necessary and crucial business process for pasta manufacturers who want to achieve their business goals.

The key business drivers for pasta Sales & Operation Planning excellence include:

  • On-time delivery
  • Forecast accuracy
  • Inventory cost reduction
  • Capability to promise
  • High service levels
  • High productivity


S&OP is a complex yet vital process that aims to generate feasible production plans that balance demand and capacity while meeting mission critical requirements of your organization. To achieve “best-in-class” performance, you must implement an efficient S&OP process, which will only be as effective as the technology behind it.

1. Demand Management

Demand Management software is used to create reliable forecasts. We leverage software that creates highly accurate consensus demand forecasts, taking into account product sales history and allowing collaborative input from sales & marketing teams regarding coupons, deals and upcoming promotions.

2. Inventory Planning

Based on the product sales forecast, and taking into account existing stock levels, open customer orders, and supply lead time, Inventory Planning software generates a master production schedule – telling you exactly when to produce what product in order to satisfy the expected demand and deliver on time.

3. Resource & Supply Planning

Resource & Supply Planning software validates the master production plan by ensuring that you have the capacity necessary to produce and fulfil the expected demand. Taking into account your people, equipment, and suppliers, Resource & Supply Planning checks every aspect of your production plan against your actual physical and logistical capabilities.

4. Order Scheduling

Order Scheduling software generates an optimal production plan for all physical plant resources, taking into account orders, set up times, production priorities and constraints in order to minimize the transformation time, meet delivery deadlines, and improve service levels.

Atomos Hyla’s Advantage

For companies whose S&OP needs call for proven and scalable solutions, Atomos Hyla is an expert partner for implementing an effective S&OP business process as well as the right technology to support it. Our deep experience in manufacturing allows us to provide expert consulting to our clients; as a leading partner of top manufacturing IT vendors, we can deliver the world’s leading software for the next generation of pasta manufacturers.

Here are a few of our customer testimonials:

“Before, I had to build many production spreadsheets and schedules from scratch every week. It was a very time-consuming and complex process. Atomos Hyla brought us an excellent solution that does all of this for me; now I can focus more on continuous improvement.”
– Production Planner, Pasta Manufacturing, Illinois, USA

“Atomo Hyla’s S&OP solutions have helped us create a more accurate and resource efficient schedule. With Order Scheduling, I can quickly adapt our schedule for unplanned events and keep production running. It’s a life saver.”
– Production Scheduler, Pasta Manufacturing, Genoa, Italy

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