Performance Support

More Than Just Software Training

Software Makes The World Go Round

In today’s modern company, software has become commonplace. Most departments in most companies and across most industries rely on some sort of software system or application for their daily operations. Most working professionals around the world are required to use some type of software system on a daily basis in order to complete their daily tasks and responsibilities. They use in Sales, QuickBooks in Accounting, SAP for Enterprise Resource Planning, Teamcenter PLM in Manufacturing Design, etc., etc., etc…

The conclusion, then, is that software (and consequently its end users) play an integral role in the success of a company’s business. Companies invest large sums of money in enterprise software systems hoping that these will help improve business processes, streamline operations, standardize procedures, and ultimately reduce costs and save money. But buying and implementing a software system does not immediately guarantee a return on investment. Companies must ensure that their employees actually learn and use a software system effectively before their business will reap the benefits and gain the value which digital adoption can offer.

Companies must train and onboard their employees on new software systems in order to drive user acceptance. However, studies have proven that employees forget an alarming percentage of information at an even more alarming rate following corporate training. As a result, leading companies are finally realizing the even greater importance of providing the right support and resources to end users at the workplace after traditional “classroom” training is over. How can companies support their end users right at the workplace and right when they need it most? This is precisely where Performance Support comes in to play.

The Problem

If you answer yes to any of the software training challenges listed below, Performance Support may be the solution for you and your business:

  • Is your company having difficulty embracing digital transformation?
  • Are you continuously struggling to onboard new personnel on software systems and processes?
  • Do you always lack proper support and training for your software migrations or rollout plans?
  • Do you need to reduce the time and costs it takes to produce quality software documentation and training materials?
  • Are you challenged to deliver better application maintenance with reduced ticketing and helpdesk calls?
  • Are you constantly wondering if your work force is as up-to-speed, motivated and engaged as it should be?

The Solution

Performance Support is a solution that allows you to provide your employees with the right information, at the workplace, and right when they need it most. It puts all the learning and training resources your employees need to complete their software tasks and procedures directly at their fingertips. In other words, when your business depends on software, Performance Support is your workforce’s GPS.

Performance Support in a Nutshell:

Performance Support is not a difficult concept to understand. Here’s all you need to know:

1. Just the facts. Performance Support isn’t about teaching people everything there is to know; it’s about giving them just the information they need, as close to the point of need as possible. Keep it brief and to the point. Think about it like a Google search; ever get frustrated when searching in Google and getting hundreds of irrelevant hits? If you want to know who won the Best Picture Oscar in 2012, do you want a link to the history of the Oscars, or just the title you’re looking for?

2. Create “experts in a bottle.” Performance Support is a great way to create virtual mentoring. Reach out to the experts and great thinkers in your organization and get their tips and ideas. Incorporate these ideas into your performance support, and suddenly your best people are mentoring everybody in the organization.

3. Focus on the point of need. Great Performance Support provides help to people when they need it most. So analyze where people typically have problems, get confused, or forget complicated instructions, and create tools to address those needs.

Solution Features:

  • Technical Documentation
  • Videos
  • GPS-Like Software Navigation Guides
  • Rule-Based Decision Support
  • Learning Analytics

Company Benefits:

  • Faster uptake & learning of new software
  • Live operator support on production system
  • 24/7 live employee support for unfamiliar software procedures
  • Quick access to software training material & resources for end users
  • Faster onboarding of new hires

Business Results:

  • Improve change management process
  • Decrease software training time & costs
  • Decrease documentation time
  • Improve end user performance & productivity
  • Optimized software adoption and end user acceptance
  • Drive end user independence, decision making & confidence


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