sedApta Suite

For the optimization of Your company's S&OP and M.O.M. Processes

The sedApta Suite is based on more than 30 years of industrial experience with Nicim products and has been designed and developed to be an integrated and orchestrated set of modules that work together to optimize processes along the entire supply chain, starting from
accurate and tactical strategic planning, to then improve detailed scheduling based on the availability of resources within the factory itself.

sedApta Suite Features

  • Real time orchestration of machines, software, and people for the continuous improvement of processes, people, and technology
  • Monitoring and analysis of process performance
  • “Real time” support for users while they perform tasks and business processes thanks to a GPS software system
  • Handling exceptions and decision-making processes in real time through multi-scenario simulations, what-if analyses and best-fit approach
  • Easy integration with the most common ERP systems.

All the sedApta Suite’s modules are also supported by an innovative O.S.A. ecosystem for the orchestration of processes, “workforce”
support and performance analyses. The O.S.A. architecture helps shift companies toward the continuous improvement of business
processes and supports the culture of change: a key factor during this period of significant technological changes, all within the new paradigm of Industry 4.0.