From local to global projects

Atomos Hyla has a long lasting experience starting from implementing small local projects with very limited budgets to managing international multi-sites roll-out with project duration of more than 1-2 years.

We are executing international project with a proven methodology based on collaboration and program management. For a global roll-out of a project we can count on a worldwide network of Partners. Our Partners are certified and continuously trained on the software solution we offer.

We execute the overall project management and we are responsible for the global roll-out program.

Atomos Hyla sets a high value on communication, alignment and transparency during the project implementation. To ensure these fundamental components we have daily local progress meetings with the customer to report deployment progress, follow up risks, actions and other issues. The objectives of the weekly progress meeting with the PMs of Atomos Hyla and the customer are project scheduling, progress reporting, risks, issues and action follow up and deliverable acceptance. On the contrary, the monthly executive management meeting is used to present the project progress, budget status, and discuss about project priorities.