Project implementation testing & delivering

Project implementation

When it comes to developing complex projects, having a team of experts is essential; sticking to the set schedule and budget is always a key factor for success. We have the advantage of being able to draw from some of the most qualified and talented resources in the field and from a wealth of experience in complex integration projects in all product sectors worldwide.  From gathering requirements to delivering the project, Atomos Hyla consultants can ensure that all goals are reached.

In almost all cases tailor-made solutions are developed so that we can provide our clients with the project that best suits their needs. Sometimes this means finding the most suitable of all the cutting-edge products available through our network of partners and customising it; other times it means going off the beaten track to develop something completely new, tailored to perfectly meet our clients’ needs.

Project testing and delivering

Before delivering the solution to the client, it must be tested to ensure that all the use cases and requirements have been met. The development team works with the technicians in charge to create a detailed test plan that guarantees all project goals have been achieved.

To this end, a manufacturing “Quality Assurance” (QA) area is created using the same hardware and software as those used in production.  All of the new content developed is moved from the development area to the QA area for testing and for final approval before being placed in the final production area. This procedure ensures that the system used in production is stable and tested to minimise any risks.