Project management

Project methodology

In the case of a multi-site roll-out, Atomos Hyla offers two different project methodologies.

Blueprint approach

When systems appear to have a common base of similar requirements, Blueprint is the preferred approach. The requirements are defined for the entire series of plants and, as a result, all the functions are implemented directly throughout the company.

Incremental approach

The “incremental approach” is a roll-out approach in which the requirements are gathered for one single plant and sequentially used to improve the global solution. It is advantageous when plants are very different from each other.

Project management

Ensuring the utmost in each project phase

Before the technical drawing has been completed, the Atomos Hyla project manager works to guarantee that the necessary resources are dedicated to the project, creating a detailed execution plan that illustrates the resources to be used, the project phases and the time it will take. This plan will form the basis of the work in collaboration with the client during the project.

Local to global projects

Atomos Hyla has extensive experience, starting with the implementation of small local projects with very limited budgets to managing international multi-site roll outs of more than two years.

We carry out international projects with a proven methodology based on collaboration and programme management. For the global distribution of a project we can rely on a worldwide network of partners. Our partners are certified and constantly updated on the software solution we offer.

We carry out general project management and are responsible for the global roll-out programme.

Atomos Hyla sets a high value on communication, alignment and transparency during project roll-out. To guarantee these basic elements, we plan even daily local progress meetings with the client to report on deployment, follow-up risks, actions and any problems. The goals of the weekly progress meetings between Atomos Hyla PMs and the client are project scheduling, reporting progress, risks, follow-up on issues and actions, and acceptance of the final result. The monthly executive management meeting is instead used to present the project progress, budget status and to discuss priorities.