Training for production software

Once the software solution suitable for your company needs is installed, we will help you to distribute it on all systems and to all end users. This is a fundamental step that allows a seamless transition to the post-live phase of the implemented solution, minimizing the main setbacks during distribution and avoiding the high costs associated with system errors and repetition of training. More and more companies are adopting a 10:20:70 method, which is an ideal mix of methodologies for learning contextual to digital transformation projects in the company, which provides a 10% initial training in the classroom, 20% of operational support in the field and 70% of continuous and innovative use of new performance support systems’. We use the “Performance support” methodology with use of Skillaware. An innovative tool that supports the user in real-time during the execution of new IT tasks and procedures during the roll-out phase of new technologies in the company, thanks to a GPS software system.

The objectives of the training are:

  • Transfer all knowledge and resources related to the product or system solution to end users
  • Teach end users how to use the software and system solution, covering all aspects – functionality and features
  • Show end users how their daily activities and business processes can improve and be easier using the system and the product solution
  • Create and distribute customized documentation based on new business systems to help ensure sustainable use for the future

We offer a dedicated team of multilingual experts with proven experience in training. All our consultants have a combination of technical skills and direct experience in different production contexts.