Manufacturing Operations Management

The concept of MES has now evolved into Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM), a broader concept representing the digitisation support to all factory departments, mainly manufacturing, quality, warehouse, and maintenance.

MOM systems can include different functionalities based on end-user requirements; the main features concern:

  • Planning, management, and execution of orders
  • Declarations of operators’ presence
  • Traceability of production lots
  • Machinery performance (OEE)
  • Connectivity with ERP systems to recover master data
  • Connectivity with PLM systems to recover other master data
  • Connectivity with machinery
  • Quality management
  • Maintenance management
  • Instructions for operators to increase safety
  • Real-time statistical process control (SPC) systems
  • Manufacturing Intelligence and Business Intelligence

Currently, an MOM project must adapt to the particular situation of each factory. More or less complex systems already exist which have been developed over the years to cover a particular need and help operators; sometimes they are obsolete systems that need to be replaced, but others are well-established systems that only need to be integrated to allow broader visibility and more significant integration.

Our Mission

Atomos Hyla’s mission is to help each client and optimise their different shop floors in terms of cost balance to increase efficiency and revenues from investments carried out. Each successful project is accompanied by a tangible return on investment (ROI) – reduction of production costs, optimisation of factory work, reduction of errors, and increase in efficiency – as well as an intangible return – control of traceability, reduction of risks for operators, and the optimisation of collaborations between different functions.