Maintenance Management

Investments in production plant development are constantly increasing for manufacturing companies focused on safeguarding their shares in an increasingly competitive global market. Ambitious business objectives require efficient and effective production systems, characterised by readily available and reliable resources.

Maintenance and asset management are increasingly becoming the key to success for operations not only in industries such as Oil & Gas and Energy, but also for the process and discrete industries and the services sector. A holistic approach to maintenance, in which reliability and risk management are balanced across the entire organisation, is the key point in optimising system results.

The solution chosen by Atomos Hyla is Smart Asset Management of the sedApta Group

Source: sedApta Suite

A factory maintenance support system must be able to support maintenance teams with integrated features:

  • Classify company resources into categories, organising the relative documentation to reduce the time required to create and manage important information both at the plant and corporate level
  • Support the departments dedicated to maintenance activities within the plants in order to increase their performance 
  • Track the activities and information related to the different Maintenance Orders 
  • Plan maintenance activities by providing information on the state of the machinery (wear, operation, etc.) 
  • Monitor planned and emergency maintenance, producing reports and documents both at the plant and corporate level.

Maintenance activities can be programmed (based on a calendar or on specific working hours), based on events or deterioration (conditional) or simply corrective, i.e., initiated following a fault.

Some of the benefits of introducing a maintenance management system are:

  • Reduction of plant downtime and costs thanks to a preventive approach as opposed to a corrective one 
  • Increased operating efficiency 
  • Optimisation of the life cycle of business assets.