Collaborative Planning

Collaborative Planning is the process which manages the supply chain by connecting all the actors of the competitive business system.

Atomos Hyla has chosen the sedApta Group’s Web Supply Engine solution, which facilitates communication with suppliers and contractors, providing a unified environment for sharing and collaboration on proposals and work plans, discussion and document management.

Source: sedApta suite

Main features:

  • Remote communication management with suppliers and contractors
  • Discussion, acceptance, refusal of orders
  • Work plan progress
  • Picking list management
  • External operations monitoring
  • Shared documentation management
  • Shipment management
  • Stock management and availability at contract
  • RFQ/RFP management in auction mode, for the allocation of external supply and processing contracts
  • Prompt management


  • Mid-term plan and revenue projection sharing
  • Easy sharing and distribution of delivery plans
  • Timely response to supply chain disruptions
  • Monitoring the state of production processes
  • Assessment of suppliers and contractors
  • Remote timing, monitoring and data collection
  • Online order confirmation 
  • Supply lead-time reduction
  • Stock cost reduction through monitoring