Inventory Planning

Inventory Planning is a critical supply chain process that determines the optimal quantity and timing of supply in order to align them with sales and production capacity. This process has a direct impact on a company’s profit margins and cash flow, especially for small businesses that rely on the rapid turnover of goods or materials.

Atomos Hyla has chosen the sedApta Group’s Inventory Management solution, which determines optimal levels of warehouse inventory and a replenishment plan based on the sales forecasts and their reliability, service level objectives, warehouse-level procedures, delivery times, inventory costs and existing customer orders.

Source: sedApta Suite

Main features:

  • Definition of stock policies (dynamic and driven by effective demand)
  • Calculation of Safety Stock
  • Determination of the recovery plan
  • Generation of the main production plan
  • Creation of simulative scenarios and what-if analysis
  • Optimisation of warehouse stocks


  • Service level improvement
  • Warehouse cost reduction
  • Replenishment cost reduction
  • Planning time reduction