Customer Order Management

This process administers the management of orders of goods or services, and is a fundamental aspect of an efficient supply chain. In particular, it allows to consolidate the information related to supply and demand received from different systems, providing a global and complete picture; it supports companies in proposing precise delivery dates of customer orders, analysing warehouse availability and the main production plan.

Atomos Hyla has chosen the sedApta Group’s Order Promising solution,  which is able to provide a complete picture of supply and demand in order to make the company reliable in terms of its commitments and effective in delivery times while considering warehouse availability, the main production plan and the rules of fairness.


Source: sedApta Suite

Main features:

  • Customer Order Fulfilment
  • Customer Order Delivery Date Calculation
  • Heuristics Management
  • What-If Analysis
  • Advanced Algorithms
  • Improvement of Customer Service


  • Guarantee of promised delivery dates
  • Monitoring stock levels and any possible reduction
  • Inventory cost reduction