Bauli chooses sedApta Suite's solutions to improve the efficiency of its Supply Chain!

What is our relationship with sedApta? Essentially, we used the demand management, inventory management, resources & supply planning, order promising and web supply engine features. Why did we choose sedApta? We decided to further develop the sedApta solution, as it was already being used in the company for deployment purposes. We evaluated several solutions and also assessed other options, but the sedApta solution proved to be the best… (Pierangelo Chiappini, CIO)

Bauli needed to improve the efficiency of its Supply Chain in order to make it even more competitive. The implementation of the sedApta Suite for Sales & Operation Planning, allowed a standardization of methods and tools and provided support to the demand forecasting activities of recurring and ongoing products. Our agile and flexible application architecture also allowed to support planners belonging to the three different sales divisions in the definition of production volumes for Item / Bucket, and to share information with Operations.